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Message From The Chief 

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On behalf of the men and women of the Rutland-Dundee Fire Protection District, welcome to our website! 


This website is one of several important avenues we have to stay in touch with those that we serve. You will find information regarding, fire safety, prevention programs, Board of Trustee information, and more.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the community and to work alongside our District members for over 17 years. I hope you find this site both informative and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the Rutland-Dundee Fire Protection District.

- Chief Rick Thomas

Our Services

Rutland-Dundee Fire Protection District responds to a wide range of calls for service in our communities. From cardiac arrests to house fires – our personnel are trained to provide the highest quality service, whatever the need.

Fire Suppression

The goals of fire response are to suppress hostile fires and protect lives, property and the environment. Our firefighters are highly trained to respond to these fires in a quick and efficient manner. Duties of firefighters during a fire response include:

  • Search and Rescue – firefighters search a building for victims and perform rescues.

  • Suppression - crews enter a burning building to locate and extinguish a fire. Based on the severity, size, and potential for unsafe structural conditions; crews may be forced to battle the fire from the exterior.

  • Command and Safety – a commander oversees the operation and ensures firefighter safety.

  • Ventilation – firefighters cut holes in roofs and remove windows to remove hot gases and smoke so firefighters inside the building can locate and extinguish the fire. Ventilating a building can also provide “good” air for trapped occupants.

  • Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) – firefighters must stand by to rescue injured or trapped firefighters inside a building.

  • Salvage and Overhaul – firefighters minimize damage to personal items by covering or removing them from the building. They also open walls and ceilings to extinguish fires that could later rekindle.

  • Investigation – investigators determine the cause of the fire.

  • Rehab – a crew helps firefighters get rehydrated and cooled down after being inside a building.

Emergency Medical Services

We are a cross-trained district with most of our members trained as both firefighters and emergency medical care. Through advanced classes and training, our district members can also assist our neighboring agencies treating patients at fires, vehicle collisions, and various medical emergencies. 


Santa Run

The Rutland-Dundee Volunteer Firemen’s Association conducts an annual Santa Run event within your fire district. The events include our annual Santa Run, Raffle and most importantly, our food drive! The Santa Run dates back to the mid 1970’s, and provides residents an opportunity to support their community as well as their local Rutland-Dundee Firefighters.

The annual event takes place at the beginning of December. Make sure to check  our social media for dates and times!

Become part of the tradition, excitement and community!

Frequently Asked


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